What are the benefits of Bootcamp training?

The benefits of Bootcamp training are numerous and influence both physical and emotional aspects:

Weight loss: after a few weeks, you lose weight effectively.
Muscle Toning: High insensity workouts make you gain muscle tone quickly.
More strength: Up to 50% more strength in the first six weeks of training.
Increased resistance: The first few weeks the body increases its resistence.
More balance: You will develop a better balance both static and dynamic and your mobility will be better.
Lower risk of depression: Bootcamp training decreases the risk of having depressive episodes.
Antistress: It is an excellent de-stressing activity, very beneficial to eliminate anxiety.
Decision making: Increases self-esteem and encourages decision-making.

As you can see, the benefits of Bootcamp are multiple and affect the physical, mental and emotional level. Without mentioning all the benefits of exercising outdoors.