Una clase de Bootcamp en el parque del Retiro

How is a Bootcamp class like?

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The first thing anyone who wants to try a Bootcamp training first asks is: how will a Bootcamp class be? Will it be very hard? Can I handle it? Will I make a fool of myself?

Well, let’s preceed by parts. A Bootcamp class lasts an hour and stands out for its intensity. That’s one of the keys to this type of training: intensity. That does not mean that it can not be adapted to the physical condition of each student. If you are starting, if it is your first class, the intensity will be less than when you take a month. Bootcamp workouts are the same for everyone. The whole group does the same exercise, but each one performs the repetitions that are capable. It works by time or by number of repetitions, which allows each person to work individually. That is why the groups are composed of students of different levels and physical condition. And no: no one makes a fool of himself. All the bootcamperos have gone through a first class and know perfectly well that each person has its own limits. No one will ever think you make a fool of yourself. On the contrary, the veterans (in addition to, of course, the monitors) are in charge of helping and motivating the newbies and the chemistry of the group is always positive.

The Bootcamp class begins with a continuous run around a plot, mobilizing different parts of the body. Then, a warm-up is adapted to the session that has been programmed. Once it has warmed, the circuit begins: combinations of exercises, circuits by seasons, challenges, pyramids … all worked with intensity and with short stops to rest. Then boxing is done with gloves and mittens and the class is finished with leg work, sit-ups or jogging and the usual stretches to relax and avoid muscle injuries.

Elements of the park
In order to do self-loading exercises (those in which you work with your own body weight), all the elements of the park’s surroundings are used: benches, stairs, bars, trees, roads, slopes … All that provides the exercise in the open air. Depending on the specific location of the park that has been selected for each class, one or another exercise will be performed.

In addition, other materials such as medical balloons, sandbags, rubber bands are used in the classes, kettlebells , etc. It is an easy to use and easy to carry material that will be provided by the monitors.

When boxing, you work in pairs. One puts on the gloves and the other, the mittens. The methodology of high intensity training is applied to boxing. That is to say, it works by throwing a certain number of blows or striking as many times as it can in a certain time. For example, six rounds of 30 seconds boxing with 15 seconds of rest between rounds. In the breaks, those who wear the mittens do an exercise. That’s something you should burn on fire: in a Bootcamp class … no one’s ever stopped!

All kinds of punches that exist in boxing and their different techniques are worked. As there are several monitors, students are grouped by levels and a monitor is focused on each group. In this way, everyone works with intensity, regardless of the technical level. Gloves and mittens are provided, but if you want to bring your own gloves, no problem, of course.

Correct execution
Although it is a group training, much importance is given to the technique and to the correct execution of the exercises, especially in the first classes. For this reason, probably in your first class have the monitors more focused on you and to do each exercise properly. Learning the technique is important to avoid any kind of injury and so you probably need a little more attention first class. As soon as you master the technique, you will begin to increase the intensity of the exercises.

So you know what a Bootcamp class will look like. It will be as hard as your physical condition allows, you will be able to resist it without problem and the most important thing: surely you go out wanting to re-train.

If you want to sign up for a first test class, just request it . Cheer up!