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What is bootcamp training?

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Bootcamp training is a type of high intensity training inspired by military physical training. It is done mostly outdoors, taking advantage of parks and green areas of cities, and mix strength exercises with cardiovascular exercises. This type of training is very effective and is getting more welcome in Spain due to the excellent results of weight loss and muscle toning that it provides.

The sessions usually last sixty minutes and stand out for their high intensity. The different elements provided by the environment (benches, stairs, slopes, trees …) and other materials such as medical balls, sandbags, kettlebells, rubber bands, flexibars, coordination ladders or gloves for boxing and mitts , Among other elements. The result is very dynamic sessions and varied, and, most importantly, adapted to any physical level. That is, you do not need to be a Marine to go to a Bootcamp class.

The intensity of the training is given by the number of repetitions of each exercise. If your level is high, you can do more repetitions. If you are starting, you will do less. The good thing is that you will always have the supervision of an instructor who, especially in your first sessions, will ensure that you technically do the exercise well to prevent injuries. Once you know how to do each exercise correctly, you will increase the intensity as you gain strength and endurance.

High intensity
The exercises of which a session of Bootcamp is composed are combinations of autoloads, abs, exercises with heavy material, speed, boxing or flexibility, achieving a harmonic development of the capacities and an excellent state of form. The exercises are done in circuit for a certain period of time, followed by a short rest … and return to the circuit. Intensity, intensity, intensity.

In a Bootcamp workout you will not have time to get bored. They are very intense and very dynamic classes, with a high pace of work. In addition, being an outdoor activity, the workouts vary according to the climatic conditions of the session and are also modified weekly according to the goals set. In that sense, the Bootcamp moves away from the typical gym routines, which can lead to boring the user by his monotony and that he ends up leaving the training.

For all this, Bootcamp training is gaining more and more fans in Spain. In cities like Madrid already practice in green areas like the Parque del Retiro or Parque de Tierno Galván  and more and more groups are forming in other cities of Spain.

If you find Bootcamp training interesting, you can request a test class . Wanna try?