Our Instructors

Our instructors are excellent professionals who make each session a unique training. They will take care of you and your health. Get to know them.

Millán Aguilar Navarro

  • Degree in the Science of Physical Activity and Sports Science
  • Diploma in the teaching of Physical Education.
  • National Athletics Coach
  • National Weightlifting and Bodybuilding coach
  • Personal Trainer

Sergio Temprano Pacheco

  • Personal Trainer NSCA
  • National Weightlifting and Bodybuilding coach
  • Physical Sports Technician
  • Technical Specialist in Sports Massage ISED
  • Personal Trainer

Our bootcampers

We introduce you to our bootcampers. Each one started for a different reason but they all have something in common: they love Bootcamp. Do you want to know their stories?

Esther, Journalist

A little over two years ago, I signed up for Bootcamp without having any idea what it was, just out of curiosity. I had not went to the gym or exercised since high school, not because I did not like to exercise, but because I did not want to spend my free time locked up in a gym. By chance, I discovered in a book the option of practicing exercise to get fit in the Parque del Retiro, outdoors, and I thought, “This is my thing”. I tried one day and here I am. I got hooked.

The first day I finished exhausted, the second with muscle soreness and the third I felt better. When I started Bootcamp I did not even know what a ‘burpee’ was or something as simple as a star. Of course, I did not know what it was like to be stiff or that there were so many muscles, but I remember that a member said to me: “Body aches are only removed by doing more sport.” And I carried on. I even became ‘Bootcamper of the Month’ one year after starting, a prize that made me very happy and that I hope to win again soon.

Lino, Architect

I have been doing Bootcamp for six years. I was looking for a physical activity that helped improve my overall fitness and that was a group activity, with a social side to it.

Bootcamp helps improve cardio, strength, anaerobic and aerobic in an exceptional way. I go to Bootcamp two or three days a week, and I could quickly see some improvement. I have to admit it is quite demanding, but very pleasant, since the physical component joins the social side of group training. Depending on the objective that each person has, the benefits are noticed right away.

I have to also underline the professionalism of the instructors who know how to adapt to each person.

The intensity of the class is decided individually, which means that you get to decide how intense your session will be, with the continuous encouragement of the instructors. A great way to keep motivated and get better! I encourage everyone to give it a try!

José, retired

Six years ago I started going to Bootcamp in Retiro and I can say that it has been, and still is, a unique experience.

Being able to train outdoors with terrible cold, incessant rain or frightful heat helps you forget the difficulties of your daily routine and also makes you feel better both physically and emotionally.

The members are great and the instructors, Millan and Sergio, simply fantastic.

Oh, I forgot: I’m going to turn 67 and I have four grandchildren!