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Why is it better to train outdoors?

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If you are wondering if it is better to do outdoor sports than indoors, the answer is yes. And if you ask yourself why, the reasons are numerous. The main one is a study developed by the University of Essex (United Kingdom) : the first five minutes of outdoor exercise, regardless of the activity performed, are sufficient to produce an increase in self-esteem and improve mood.

That is, going outside to exercise improves your mood. What if it’s raining? As well. What if it is very hot? As well. What makes you feel good is the fact of doing sports in a pleasant environment, such as a park or green area. The study determines that the benefits of sports practice are added positive impacts such as enjoying the sun or rain, fresh air and the sense of freedom that produces an open space in front of closed venues such as gyms or sports pavilions .

It is scientifically proven that the level of endorphins, the so-called ‘hormones of happiness’ that a person releases when practicing outdoor sports is greater than in an enclosed space. This level of endorphins is superior if, in addition to exercising in green spaces, it is performed in the company of friends. That is to say: the sum of ‘exercise’ plus ‘green spaces’ plus ‘group activity’ is the one that produces the highest level of endorphins and, therefore, the one that helps you to feel good.

These effects are applicable to all sports: running in a park or mountain is better than doing it on a treadmill. Not only is it more rewarding, but biomechanically it is more beneficial, since running on a natural circuit forces the body to work harder because all the muscles and tendons of the extremities are worked to adapt to the irregularities of the terrain.

The benefits of outdoor sports include a greater predisposition to training: it is proven that outdoor trainers are significantly more active than those who do indoor, getting to train an average of 30 minutes more a week.

In addition, outdoor training involves a greater caloric burn caused by changes in the relief and exposure to climatic and natural agents such as wind or sun. This last element, the sun, causes a greater sensation of pleasure and self-esteem when it comes to training outdoors due to the activation of vitamin D.

One last fact, very important to definitely opt for outdoor training: the injuries, as well as the degree of them, is significantly lower in the training outside.Your gym in a park
Maybe you are from those who already run through the park in your city and also train in a gym. How do you get your gym out to the street? Well, it is possible. All you have to do is target disciplines like the Bootcamp . You will develop all the work you do in a gym, but outdoors and in a group. You will leave the enclosed spaces, you will practice a high intensity training and you will get all the benefits of doing outdoor sport more all Benefits of the specific practice of this training inspired by the physical training of marines.

Enjoying the sun or sweating in the rain will delight you. And you’ll feel better. The benefits of outdoor sports and are scientifically proven, so you have no excuse. Do you want to try Bootcamp? If you live in Madrid, request your free class here .